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"C'est une émission de divertissement, tu vas rire."

Translation:It's an entertainment show; you are going to laugh.

July 11, 2020



Never heard any English speaker use the term entertainment show. Maybe it should be variety show or entertaining show.


Agreed! It makes no sense in English; pretty much every show by definition is meant to be "entertainment". I put "entertaining" and it was rejected.


When I see the term "entertainment show," I think of something like "Entertainment Tonight". But ET is not at all the sort of show where laughs would be expected, so something is clearly lost in the translation.


"It is an entertaining (television) show, you are going to laugh" seems to be the actual meaning. Neither is accepted though...


I agree, in the UK, the BBC had a Head of Light Entertainment so light entertainment rather than simply entertainment might be better understood. However, variety probably best describes a genre of show that I have seen on francophone TV.


Ah, Duo. I'm an anglophone learning French. I think your insistence on wonky translations to English (as in this case) are OK for teaching me how Francophones speak French. However, they risk teaching me English phrases that are definitely off key and sometimes just wrong!


This module is rubbish, why isnt emission = broadcast? The accents are terrible , the english is terrible and to french people really say "ygrec" in sentences instead of "y"


just wonder whether "broadcast" for "emission" would also suffice? I was marked wrong.


I wouldn't bet on it after ploughing through this section.


"It's an entertainment show you will laugh" was accepted.


"It is a TV entertainment show, you are going to laugh." Wouldn't this be right? In English there are so many kinds of shows, that it would not be obvious that it is a TV show. It might be at the local high school, or in a cinema, etc.


"It is an entertainment program, you are going to laugh." Accepted.


In the UK that would mean an entertainment "computer program", but "It's an entertainment programme. You are going to laugh." is accepted too!


the only reason i won't finish this course is the sheer ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ stupidity of some of the atom-splitting like insistence on exact translation. entertainment show my ass.


Maybe you'd be happier learning Italian?


Don't go to Norwegian. They have hands coming up out of lavatories over there!!

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