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"Jean n'aime que les yaourts nature."

Translation:Jean only likes plain yogurt.

July 11, 2020



why is yaourts plural and yoghurt singular?


Yes, I am curious about this too!


Jean n'aime que les yaourts nature = Jean only likes natural youghurt.

Jean n'aime PAS que les yaourts nature = Jean doesn't only like natural youghurt (meaning that Jean might also like other kinds of youghurt).

Is my understanding right?


exactly, that's it!


that's my question too


My question too! I see in answer to another question on Duolingo that Jojo pointed out that 'nature' in French is invariable. However I looked first for examples on Linguee.com and in fact there are examples of 'yaourts nature' and 'yaourts natures' in French sources. So I guess the French ignore the rule sometimes


"Jean likes nothing but plain yogurt" was not accepted. The phrase "n'aime que les yaourts" implies a negation of everything else except yogurt.


Is "nature" an adjective or a noun? If it's an adjective, why is it invariable. Shouldn't it be "naturels" since "yaourts" is masculine plural. If it's a noun, then shouldn't there be a preposition like "de la nature"? (I find that at Level 6, DL is no longer working well for me. Too many unresolved questions are cropping up.)


Does this mean that he doesn't like any other food or that he doesn't like any other type of yogurt?


It is ambiguous in the same way that the English version is: "Jean likes only plain yoghurt" doesn't tell you if he likes nothing but plain yoghurt, or when eating yoghurt he only likes the plain variety.


"Plain" isn't a great description. A good yogurt has complex tastes so natural might be a better adjective.


In my region, "natural" describes yoghurt that doesn't use heavily-processed ingredients, not yoghurt that doesn't have additional flavouring. Natural blueberry yoghurt is possible, as is non-natural plain yoghurt.

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