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"Mon chien adore aller à la boucherie."

Translation:My dog loves to go to the butcher shop.

July 11, 2020



I put "My dog loves to go to the butcher" and it wasn't accepted. This would be reasonable to hear in the US - I never actually hear "butcher shop". The word hint suggests "butcher's" as a UK English translation, and I occasionally hear the possessive form. Granted, "butcher shop" or "butcher's" is less ambiguous, as taking an animal to the butcher could sound like you're taking it to be butchered. I'm reporting it as I think it should be accepted, but there's room for debate and so please do comment if you land here to agree or disagree. I'm not in a lot of conversations where the word "butcher" comes up. (And when I am, it is usually in reference to butchering something like a play in a game, language/pronunciation, lines in a movie, etc..)


I used "the butcher" and it was accepted. October 2nd 2020.


This should be 'butcher's shop' not 'butcher shop' as it belongs the the butcher. In fact in everyday conversation I would just say 'the butcher's' without the word shop.

I would like to learn french the way the french speak in everyday conversation, so thus might help someone learning english to learn how english is used in everyday conversation.


This is regional. I've heard "butcher's shop", "butcher shop", "the butcher" and "the butcher's". I put "the butcher" and it was accepted.


'butcher's' is acceped by Duo in his wisdom.


UK - would say to the butcher's


Commonly used in the UK, 'to go to the butcher' not acceted.


My dog loves going to the butcher-accepted 12-3-2021


My dog loves to go to the butcher's. (BrE). Never: butcher's shop let alone butcher shop!!


Be sure to tie him up outside!


This sounds like the first line of a shaggy dog story!

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