"Je ne sais pas nager alors je coulerai !"

Translation:I don't know how to swim, so I will sink!

July 11, 2020

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Normally we say, "I can't swim" not, "I don't know how to swim".


The word you really should learn and use here is noyer, which means to drown.


Drowning and sinking are entirely different things. The verb drown means to die from inhaling water into the lungs and being unable to breathe.


Yes, but one doesn't sink simply because they don't know how to swim. We are naturally bouyant without swimming. It seems more likely to drown than to sink if you can't swim.


Not everyone is naturally buoyant, I personally do not float in water. If I stop swimming then I sink to the bottom of the pool.


Why are they not accepting "I cannot swim so I will sink"

REPORTE 5/11/2020


Because the conjugated or main verb is savoir or know how to. You can't just skip the main verb in a language lesson.


"savoir" also means "to be able to" hence "I cannot swim" is a valid, and better, translation of "je ne sais pas nager".


I can't swim so I'll sink!


It seems the English translations for 'coulerai' are wrong- it comes up with play instead of sink. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't 'sink' be at the top of the suggested meanings?


The hints suck. If you keep an online dictionary open in a browser tab, you can literally look up any word in two seconds.



i can't swim!!!


Which is the verb in the end? Is "couler" its infinitive? What are its meanings?


Evidently it would mean "to sink", and means "will sink" in its given form (only because the translation here says so - I wouldn't have known). The hints suggested "run" or "play", but not "sink". I reported it.


Yes, it is couler which means to flow down and under ("run" like your nose does, or the bath -- as for "play", dunno, but "se la couler douce" gets some pictures of children playing under flowing water to keep cool), like water percolating through a colander, like might happen to you on the water after having too much pina colada . . .

How terribly pastafarian . . .


The word order is pretty much the same as in english.


Mother, may I go swimming? Yes, my darling daughter. Hang your clothes in a hickory limb, but don't go near the water!

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