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  5. "Uusi laturi on tosi nopea."

"Uusi laturi on tosi nopea."

Translation:The new charger is really fast.

July 11, 2020



Tosi = very = really Nopea = quick = fast All these should be accepted


Why not nopeasti


That is an adverb. "Nopea" is an adjective. In English both the adverb and the adjective relating to speed look the same (fast), in Finnish they do not.

If you replace the adverb "fast" with other adverbs, it might seem a bit clearer.

The new charger is really quietly. (Vs. the adjective "quiet".)

The new charger is really slowly. (Vs. the adjective "slow".)


That should be a choice between 'quick' and 'fast'


So it suggests "very" in the hints, but doesn't accept it? Is there a logic I missed here?


There might be a bit of a lag, i.e. the team has added a possible translation but Duolingo hasn't yet incorporated it into the system. Always report these. :)

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