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  5. "Jee, se toimii taas!"

"Jee, se toimii taas!"

Translation:Yay, it is working again!

July 11, 2020



I love the extremely unenthusiastic voice saying "Jee".


Why 'yeah' is not allowed?


While in everyday speech you use different kinds of interjections (yay, yeah, eh, hmm etc.), teaching those is a little bit counterproductive.


Finally someone agreeing with me! When I posted something similar in the lessons where there were plenty of them, I was downvoted by people praising interjections as super useful. I still think they definitely don't belong to the beginner level, especially not on Duolingo.


It was handy there at the very beginning to teach us how the different letters are pronounced. I guess since they think we've already learned them, we should now just keep using them?


Besides exercises where you have to listen there are also quite many where you have the text-to-speech functionality, i.e. you also hear the sentence.

While not completely following the rule "one letter = the same sound always", Finnish is much closer to that than for instance English (which is notorious for having all kinds of exceptions). So if you have heard words with the same syllables as are here, you should have a grasp how to say this.


It is a bit sad to be penalized for using "yeah" here


Why can I not exclaim 'Yes'? This was not allowed


As a Scottish granny I would never say 'Yay'. I would say 'Yes!' if I was flushed with success about something. I consider 'Yay' to be a modern, slang expression probably imported from America


I agree. As a Scot, I NEVER use the word yay. I would say 'great' or 'good'. I have been marked wrong because I have spelled yay wrong even though the rest of the translation is correct.


Is toimii the same work as "I am working" or just as in functioning?


The verb toimia has multiple uses.

to denote being in a working condition

  • Moottori toimii taas : The engine works again.

to hold a position

either permanently

  • Kunnan tartuntatautilääkäri toimii ylimpänä terveysviranomaisena siinä kunnassa : The infectious disease doctor of a municipality holds the position of the supreme health authority in that municipality.

or to fill in someone

  • Marin toimi Löfvenin sijaisena EU-huippukokouksessa : Marin filled in Löfven in the EU summit.

While there is the verb työskennellä, it is mostly used to show one's profession or work place:

  • Työskentelen lääkärinä : I work as a doctor.
  • Työskentelen sairaalassa : I work in a hospital.

To express that "I am working", i.e. doing something, a verbal phrase tehdä työtä : to do work, is used.

  • Teen tarkkuutta vaativaa työtä : I am working/work with something that requires precision.


I had to repeat several times because if that JEE


Yeah is not an enthusiastic response. It us more okay now it’s working


Jay, yay, yaayh, this are shouts no words.

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