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"Mr. Pöllönen, you have a beautiful home."

Translation:Herra Pöllönen, sinulla on kaunis koti.

July 11, 2020



Is you address somebody as MR Pöllönen, I guess you'd call him Te = You instead of unformal sinä = you.


Teitittely is pretty rare nowadays though. Even university professors would probably prefer singular 2nd person pronouns from their students. It can happen between service providers and customers.


Yeah, but usually you are on first name basis with your professors, so it's natural to use "sinä" instead of "te".

If I were to use "herra" or "rouva" I suppose I might use both "sinä" and "te", but I can't actually remember any occasion where I'd have used "herra" or "rouva" to address someone. When talking about someone in 3rd person, yeah, but not when speaking to them.


Absolutely correct. The reason you cannot remember to ever have used herra or rouva is just because you most likely did not meet the president of Finland, very much the only person a Finn would feel obliged to address as herra or rouva.

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