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" Mitä kuuluu? No, ihan hyvää, kiitos."

Translation:– How are you? – Well, pretty well, thank you.

July 11, 2020



The answers are totally inconsistent when it comes to "ihan." is it pretty good, pretty well, or just fine?


All of them are correct and should therefore be accepted. Flagging such inconsistencies helps the volunteer team notice them quicker. It might also be that they have already been entered into the system but Duolingo hasn't yet processed the updates.


So frustrating how you have to answer this based on the arbitrary answer and not based on the actual meaning. It keeps saying I'm wrong, but it's the answer from other questions.


Now it won't accept thanks for kiitos. It's perfectly acceptable.

[deactivated user]

    The expected answers are rapidly becoming a lucky dip, its very frustrating


    "pretty good" and "pretty well" mean the same thing in English, but I got "pretty good" marked wrong. Doesn't make sense to me, especially since "hyvaa" means "good" in Finnish.


    another exercise in this module uses "just fine" for "ihan hyvää", that should probably be accepted here as well


    While saying "well, pretty well" is certainly correct, a native English speaker would probably say "well, pretty good" so that you aren't using "well" back to back in the same sentence.


    I had the same problem as TheWordPunk - I typed "thanks" instead of "thank you" and got marked wrong. Reported.


    'How is it going? Well pretty good, thanks'

    I guess, the problem is that all these sayings are very .. diverse(?) in how you could phrase them


    Is anyone fixing stuff like this?


    I do understand that it translates literally as 'How are you?' but I would be tempted to add 'doing' as a friendlier and more usual expression. It certainly would not be wrong.

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