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" Se on ihan hyvä. Oletko varma?"

Translation:– It is just fine. – Are you sure?

July 11, 2020



So frustrating!!


You're not alone. What happened to melko.


If you used "melko" here it'd sound more approving ("oh, that's quite good, actually"), whereas "ihan" can be either ("it will do", "it's good", "it's not good, but what can you do").


It is quite good was not accepted. Should it be? It's quite different from It is just fine, yet Wiktionary says that ihan can mean totally, exactly, or quite.


I think it better translates simply to "It's fine" or "It's alright" (As in, it's not perfect but it will do.) Literal translation here would be something like "It's fairly good"

Ihan can mean things like totally, exactly, but in this case and also with a lot of other adjectives it tends to downplay the adjective a little bit. Hän on ihan kaunis would mean "She (or he) is fairly beautiful" (Not that beautiful, but kind of..) which will leave it up to the person in question to determine whether it's a compliment or not :D


It seems to say: -very well-, rather than -just fine-

[deactivated user]

    It's fine is perfectly acceptable also, this is very frustrating!


    Without a given context, why is "se on ihan hyvä" only allowed to be translated into " It is just fine" 2when several posibilities might be suggested for "just fine"


    Wait, didn't ihan hyvä just mean pretty well in the previous question


    Rather more lukewarm than "it is pretty good."


    "It is just fine" would be considered kind of rude imo.


    Pretty well was not accepted. And yet I think it is what was in the sentences we translated


    That word "barbacue" is not written correctly.

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