"At the office, I thought about vacation all the time."

Translation:Au bureau, je pensais tout le temps aux vacances.

July 11, 2020

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why not, "au bureau, j'ai pensé tout le temps aux vacances", this was rejected?


The key phrase is 'all the time'. It's clear that it was a regular ongoing thing, ie every time he/she was at the office, so not a completed action in the past. Here, 'I thought' could equally have been expressed as 'I used to think' or 'I was thinking' with identical meaning.

However, if you omit 'all the time' the English is more likely to refer to a particular occasion when I was at the office and thought about holidays, so a completed action where the passé composé would be appropriate.


Please, can someone explain why "au bureau, je pensais aux vacances tout le temps" is not accepted. Is there a rule for the accepted word order.


Is “à des vacances” wrong? The American is so loose and unspecific it is hard to translate accurately

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