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  5. "That one is correct."

"That one is correct."

Translation:Tuo on oikein.

July 11, 2020



Why not 'Tuo yksi on oikein'? Otherwise i'd think it would be 'That is correct'.


Tuo yksi sounds pretty strange and unnecessary. So, I don't think so.


It depends. But I should have asked the other way around. It is rather common to say 'That is correct' in English. If you add the 'one' to the question, it can be meaningless, but it can also mean that you want to focus on the 'one' part. Like 'That one is correct, but all the other stuff is wrong.' So it might be less confusing at this stage to ask for a translation of 'that is correct'. That way, beginners like me don't have to wonder about what to do with the 'one' part of the sentence.


Unfortunately, we don't use "yksi" like that, neither do we have a similar word in Finnish. If we want to say for example "That blue one is great/excellent!" we just say "Tuo sininen on hieno!"


But how do we know that. I don’t remember it being taught


I agree. You could say "That is correct" and be referring to an entire paper. Where as "That one is correct" would be referring to a specific Question/Answer. There are also several other phrases in this lesson that Require yksi to be used when there is "one" in english. So it can get confusing when those don't accept answers without yksi. and this doesnt accept an answer with it.


Yeah i dont know why duolingo uses yksi in these lessons because its not something ive ever come across in real life. Yksi is rarely ever used in finnish, which is something that drives me insane every once in a while, but unless its a specific amount of something id recommend never using it.


I can't be the only one who said "Tuo yksi on oikein"


'That one' is specific! It means that one in particular, that single unique thing right there. It'd be weird to say 'that one is correct' when you really meant 'that is correct'. Awkward wording at least.


I have some issue with the grammar. Can anyone explain to me how "oikea" and "oikein" work, please?


Oikea is an adjective while oikein is an adverb.


Oikea just means "correct" on its own. Oikein is used here because it is referring to a pronoun, being "That one". It's similar to how Istua is to sit, but "Sina Istut" is "You are sitting".


In this example if the sentence were That is the correct one, it would translate to Tuo on se oikea. Another example: My answer was correct. In finnish you can say Vastaukseni oli oikea or you can say Vastasin oikein. Adjective oikea versus adverb oikein

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