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"He is speaking English again."

Translation:Hän puhuu taas englantia.

July 11, 2020


[deactivated user]

    What is the difference between taas and uudelleen? I got dinged for using the latter here.


    Finnish has lots of words that could be translated as "again".

    "taas" - again, emphasis on time (one more time), can be a bit negative but doesn't have to be, e.g. "Pesin taas koiran" - I washed the dog again (because the dog decided to jump into a puddle the second we stepped out of the door)

    "uudestaan" -again, anew, emphasis on doing something again, a bit more positive, e.g. "Pesin koiran uudestaan" - I washed the dog again (because I felt the dog wasn't clean enough after the first wash)

    "uudelleen" - again, anew, (re-), is most often used to mean exactly the same thing as "uudestaan", but if a distinction is made, "uudestaan" means doing a thing again in the same way as previously, while "uudelleen" means doing it in a new way ("Do it again!" vs. "Redo it!").


    "jälleen" - again, anew, all over again, once again, e.g. "Pesin koiran jälleen" - I washed the dog again/all over again (and it's annoying me a bit)

    "toistamiseen" - again, a second time, e.g. "Emme pese koiraa toistamiseen" - We won't be washing the dog again/a second time

    "toiste" - again, another time, e.g. "Älä pese koiraani toiste!" - Don't wash my dog ever again!

    ("vielä kerran" - again, once more, e.g. "Pestään koira vielä kerran" - Let's wash the dog again/one more time)


    "Hän puhuu uudelleen englantia" doesn't really work because it does sound like either "He is respeaking English" or "He is speaking English a second time", whereas "Hän puhuu taas englantia" just means that the person is speaking English again (and might have done it a million times already so it doesn't emphasise the occasion, just states that they are speaking english once again).


    Hän puhuu englantia taas. Why is it incorrect?


    It's correct.


    Why is "puhuu taas englantia" wrong? Why can't you omit the pronoun here?


    You can't omit the pronoun with "hän" (he/she) or "he" (they). The other pronouns can be omitted (minä, sinä, me, te)


    Same question for me

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