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  5. "Onko se edes seinässä?"

"Onko se edes seinässä?"

Translation:Is it even plugged in?

July 11, 2020



Is this what Finns would say? Are there different ways of saying this?


You can also say Tuleeko siihen virtaa? (lit. Does the power come in?).


First question asked by tech support the world over :)


The return of the old person (from "Is it even on?") !


I am sorry, but I have to ask it.

How would you say about a mouse (animal) in the wall? Would you use the same word "seinassa"? Seinassa on hiiri. Right?

and could it also mean "there is a computer mouse plugged into the wall socket to charge"?

p.s. Just realized that we did not learn the word mouse in this course.


The animal is hiiri and the control device is also hiiri, i.e. we just translated the English word for it.

Seinässä on hiiri would be understood literally. Perhaps you hear sounds a mouse makes, but in any case you have come to a conclusion that there is a mouse inside the wall.

If you were talking about a computer mouse plugged into the wall, then the topic would be the mouse and the comment would be its location. In Finnish there is a very strong tendency put a topic first in a sentence, in other words you would say _Hiiri on seinässä. About the topic and comment, see my writing About the word order in Finnish here in Duolingo.

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