"My father types just with two fingers on his right hand."

Translation:Mon père tape juste avec deux doigts de la main droite.

July 11, 2020

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Mon père tape avec juste deux doigts de la main droite. Is it very important the "juste" go before the "avec"?


the english sentence is incoherent. the french sentence presumably is as well - but who knows ?


I'm going to tell them that "with just" is the wrong way around.


What is wrong with "de sa main droite" instead of "de la main droite"?


The order of the words in the English sentence is incorrect right? It's not just me?


I used only, as in ne... que. I figured that THAT was a better, but I guess not.


Why won't seulement be accepted?


I used "Mon père tape juste avec deux doigts sur la main droite" and was marked with an incorrect response. According to "Reverso Context", besides "de la main droite", alternative choices for "on his right hand" are "à sa droite, à la main droite, sur sa main droite, de sa main droite, de la main droite, à sa main droite, sur la main droite, sur sa droite". Duolingo should have accepted my response as an acceptable alternative solution.


Pretty sure it should be the de la option. Duo words questions to trick us at times. Most annoying.


Mon pere tape seulement avec deux doigts de la maine droit. This just has a typo.


I have seen so many instances on Duo where the la main becomes sa main (for example). How on earth do you know when you can use possessive pronouns when talking about body parts?


When it is 100% certain that the body part(s) in question belong(s) to the subject of the sentence ('my father' in this case) the French use an article. If not, they use the possessive pronoun.


I used "seulement" instead of "juste" and it was not accepted.


Marked wrong for putting avec juste. Is it incorrect to have put this; however it does sound better this way.

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