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  5. "The water is deep."

"The water is deep."

Translation:Vesi on syvää.

July 11, 2020



Could nominative syvä be also used here? Since the water may refer not to the substance itself but for instance to a lake or a river.

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Vesi on syvä does sound a bit weird to me because I can think vesi only as uncountable noun. Syvää is in line with how other adjectives would be used in such a situation: vesi on lämmintä/kirkasta/matalaa/...

In vesi on tyyni I understand vesi referring to the surface of the water. It's a bit erratic but for some reason it doesn't sound weird at all to me. The whole sentence sounds even a bit prosaic or poetic, as do other vesi on sentences I could quickly come to think of.

Sorry for not having a proper answer, hope this helps even just a bit.


Thanks ...lightens the darness somewhat


The Finnish word "vesi" can refer to a lake only in place names. But the word "vesistö" can refer to a body of water.


I'm not sure why that is. Judging by the number of search results from the google searches I just did, both partitive and nominative are used for "tyyni" in a predicative expression where the subject is "vesi", but nominative is about three to four times more frequent.


Vesi on syvä also has slightly more Google results than vesi on syvää.

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