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  5. "Vaari siivoaa."

"Vaari siivoaa."

Translation:Grandpa is cleaning.

July 11, 2020



A general introduction on Finnish conjugation would be great. As Tips do not exist yet for Finnish, does anybody here have a suggestion?

[deactivated user]

    Grandad is used in place of Grandpa in much of the English speaking universe outside USA, please update the accepted answers


    Did you report it using the flag?


    I liked the tips and vocabulary sections up to this point. I'm sorry to have come to the end of them.


    There will be more, eventually.


    In terms of culture, if a younger Finnish relative is present, would they allow grandpa to clean? Would they say something like, no no Grandpa; you rest


    Haha, Finnish people tend to be fiercly independent to the point of stubborness. If grandpa's going to clean, he's going to clean.

    You might offer to help, but (grandpa's voice: ) you won't know where everything should go and you possibly won't do it right and he's not so old yet that he can't clean his own house!


    ! Wow what a great answer ...kiitos!!


    Grandpa's cleaning marked incorrect

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