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  5. "Tämä mekko ei istu."

"Tämä mekko ei istu."

Translation:This dress does not fit.

July 11, 2020



I have known Marimekko for years without knowing the +mekko+


poor English - fit is to fit a person; eg the dress does not fit me or you ; a dress is not the subject of the fit;


So, it looks like sovi means fit, and istu means fit. Istu also means sit! Can inyone comment on the correct way to use these three words?


Actually, now I see the comment from pieni-chilipalko above.


Istu is not fit, the correct word in Finnish would be sovi (from sopia). What that sentence means would be "This dress does not sit."


Yeah, but "istua" in this context does mean "fit", just like "sopia".

Also, if you said "tämä mekko ei sovi sinulle", that would NOT mean that the person doesn't fit inside the dress but instead that the dress looks bad on them or doesn't fit their personality etc.

If you use "istua" that's more to do with how the piece of clothing fits the person's body, if it's cut right for their body, suits their body type etc.

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