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Finnish golden owl with flag

After Duolingo's redesign, the golden owls no longer have flags on, which has disappointed many people. Finnish came after the redesign so there exists no golden owl with a Finnish flag.

For anyone who has achieved their golden owl for Finnish and is in need of one with a flag, I've made one for you!

I can't upload a picture here, but I've posted it in two Duolingo Finnish Facebook groups (they're public, so you don't have to join). Please feel free to use it :)

July 11, 2020



Got mine already!


You got yours ready when the course was but a twinkle in Duo's eye... X-)

(Or rather in Mari's eye, while Luis' mom wasn't convinced.)


Oh, you're right! That's what we still don't know - what happened to make Luis' mom change her mind?


Good thing she relented, though! X-D


Kiitos, Eagleyweagley! And @widle, I thought of you as soon as I read this post! :)

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