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  5. "Minä istun ja tiskaan."

"Minä istun ja tiskaan."

Translation:I am sitting and doing the dishes.

July 11, 2020



I have never ever seen anyone sit and do the dishes. Everybody stands to do the dishes. Next time I'm in Finland, I'll be sure to have a look at the kitchen sinks.


Wheelchair users definitely sit. The only reason others don't is probably just because most sinks are built at standing height and a sink for sitting at would need space for leg room underneath.


Use a stool whilst you are at it, jairapetyan!


Can we have 'washing up ' allowed as well as the British never talk about doing the dishes.


Yes, next time it crops up hit the "report" button, then "my answer should be accepted." (Check that you didn't make any typos first).


Uh, I definitely do.


I am Scottish and I use both - washing up, and doing (or washing) the dishes.

[deactivated user]

    Tiskata is to "wash" the dishes only it's common to aslo say "do" the dishes, either should be accepted


    "doing dishes" should be acceptable


    The expression in English always has the definite article in it, at least in my experience.


    Please explain why, "sitting and doing the dishes," is right but, "sitting and doing dishes," is wrong? Why?


    Hi Zacaris. Generally one washes the dishes that are waiting to be washed: it is a defined amount, therefore -the dishes-. It also is how the expression is widely used.


    "Doing the dishes" is certainly more common, but people say it without "the" as well.


    Which dishes? THE, concreate dishes, because working with them and I is a main noun, dishes is a secondary. Also I think that language not wide used.


    I sit and do the dishes - why incorrect?


    Same question, but also a request for clarification: When there seems to be (thus far) no distinction between active ("I sit") and passive ("I am sitting") construction, why is one wrong and the other accepted? Is there a subtlety to this sentence construction that I'm unaware of?

    Alternately, is there some way to distinguish between the two constructions that are, in American English, different in important ways?


    Generally, not really. It's more of an English interpretation and inflexibility issue than it is a nuance in finnish grammar. In this case "I sit and..." is grammatically wrong, but you could say "I sit while..." and that would be correct.


    What exactly is grammatically wrong with "I sit and so the dishes"?


    I am sitting is not passive, it is progressive, however this is the only thing i wanted to note as I'm not able to answer your question.


    "The" isn't necessary. You could say, "I'm doing dishes" too.


    Looks weird for me, like if I try to understand without content it means producing the dishes. Irritates when changing translation between straight and logical


    It doesn't mean "producing the dishes". It means washing them. "To do the dishes" is an idiomatic phrase in some varieties of English. They need to add more options for it, but yeah, don't be confused about this sentence anymore.


    You must have a very strange kitchen in order to be able to do this.


    One could also be washing dishes outside of a kitchen: on the ground with a water hose nearby, by the river, etc


    Could be one that's been adapted for wheelchair users. Or maybe the person is sitting cross legged on the counter next to the sink. We will never know.


    Why is "i am sitting and washing the dishes" incorrect? I've never heard "doing the dishes"?!?!


    Its a more typical phrase in America. I'd use both in Australia, but yeah, it's not universal in English. "Washing the dishes" and just "washing up" should also be accepted.


    "I sit and wash the dishes." What's wrong with this?


    It also doesn't like "I sit and do the dishes."


    This course makes it difficult to guess a word you may not know just from context. Some of content makes no sense. Except for the one where they asked me if my honest green parakeet was grilling the naughty viking cat on my small but comfortable sofa. That happens all the time at my house.


    "washing up" should be accepted

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