"Her last relationship only lasted two days."

Translation:Sa dernière relation n'a duré que deux jours.

July 11, 2020

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'sa relation derniere n'a dure que deux jours' ia not accepted. it is comfusing when it comes to putting adj after/before noun.


Shouldnʼt it be imperfect because a relationship lasting is something that happens over a continuous period of time?


No because we're talking about it ending. It's an event, even if it's a long one. If you used the imperfect, it would sound somewhat similar to "Her last relationship was only lasting two days."


How do you know where to place the parter of "ne"? Usually it's just "n'a pas/jamais/aucun other words".


This isn't really a negation but a limitation or restriction, since ne...que means "only".

You place ne in front of the verb. Then you place que in front of the noun and modifier that is being restricted.

(In this case the restricted modifier and noun is deux jours.)


"Sa dernière realtion durait seulement deux jours", not accepted!


See above why imparfait doesn't fit well here. And there was a typo in "relation".


Why is there no 'pas' in here, in a previous exercise I left it out but that was marked wrong


Ne ... que = only. In this case the que is acting as if the pas, just as you get with ne ... rien/jamais/aucun etc. Ne ... pas que is "not only". HTH :)

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