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"Suomalainen mies hymyilee, koska metsä on niin hiljainen."

Translation:The Finnish man is smiling, because the forest is so quiet.

July 11, 2020



Silent should also be accepted as a translation for hiljainen


So I used "the forest is so silent" (the hint shows this as an option), and got a wrong answer. Please, fix this.


Silent instead of quiet should not be an error!


I have explained this elsewhere- sulent and quiet are not the same in english. Silent is an absolute and quite is a relative. So our smiling man can note that the forest is SO quiet. There are degrees of quietness. My garden is quiet. But my local woods are so quiet. A lot quieter than my garden, for example. But silent is the total absence of sound. Outer space is silent. You can't have pretty silent.


Would "Suomalainen mies hymyilee, koska [metsässä] on niin hiljainen" be correct Finnish to say "... because it is so quiet in the forest"? Or would that need a different word order?

Edit: Oh wait, would that need an additional pronoun?


That would be "...koska metsässä on niin hiljaista".


"the Finnish man smiles,..." wasn't accepted. Should it have been?


I entered the same


Also used silent here, hope it can be accepted in the future :)


Could you have "A Finnish man" instead of "The Finnish man?"


It's meant to be "forest" and not "in the forest". I don't think the sentence would read well if we said "the Finnish man is smiling because in the forest it is quiet". Better "the Finnish man is smiling because the forest is quiet" and that's the direct translation from the Finnish to the English above.


What's the difference between using hiljainen in these sentence versus using hiljaa like in this one: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/40305004 ? Is it just a difference between the meaning (e.g. the forest is only currently being quiet vs its always quiet)? Or is there a grammatical reason?


Hiljainen is an adjective and hiljaa is an adverb. Here they describe the quality of the forest, and the other sentence describes how it is in the forest (as in it is quiet in the forest).

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