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  5. "Do I need a map?"

"Do I need a map?"

Translation:Tarvitsenko minä karttaa?

July 11, 2020



Why "Tarvitsenko karttaa?” is not accepted?


I think it should be accepted. "Minä" is just giving some emphasis in that sentence.


"Tarvitsenko karttaa" should be accepted. Minä is not necessary here.


Same comment as above. There are several of those in the Finnish module. No consistency when pronouns are used in the sentences.


The course is still in beta.

[deactivated user]

    Yes since the verb is already conjugated for the first person, there is no need for the article, this is the same for all articles except hän and se. There are many of these structures in DL in this Beta, but it's inconsistent as sometimes they are required in the sentence and sometimes not, regardless of thier unescessary usage in the language


    When you all speak about DL is in BETA, for example, what does that mean!?


    It means that this course is still under development. Or was? It is somehow not considered a "full course".


    Something is wrong with this sentence. I wrote "tarvitsenko kartaa?" and I was told it's correct, with a typo. That is true (I misspelled "karttaa"), but the sentence I was given as the correct answer was "Tarvitsenko kartan?", which was unexpected. This is different from this discussion page, which displays the question as "Tarvitsenko minä karttaa?".

    Disregarding for the moment the single 't' in "kartan", this word looks like it's in the genitive case, which I have only the briefest of exposure to. Does this sentence require the genitive or the partitive, or does either work? Either way, what Duolingo is looking for should be consistent.

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