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"Qui sait qui dirigera le pays dans quelques mois ?"

Translation:Who knows who will lead the country in a few months?

July 11, 2020



I would have thought "Who knows who'll be leading the country in a few months" is an acceptable translation.


Both are acceptable.


Good luck United States. Hello to people in 2021 that know the answer.


'in a few months time ' would be much more usual in England.


I also agree about the phrase 'will be leading the country' but not that it will be Trump.


The male voice says "quel" not "quelque"


several or a few is the same thing so why not: Who knows who will lead the country in several months?


I'm not sure if "several" and "a few" do mean the same thing. In EN_GB, they are almost synonymous, with "several" tending to be slightly lower than "a few" (2 would generally be "several", but 5 could be "a few", if ten was common - say, eggs at the market (footnote)). I'm not sure that the distinction is particularly clear in English anywhere, or even in American, but Duo seems to be strongly against using the several/ few French terms interchangeably.

FOOTNOTE : a few years before Brexit we started seeing eggs sold in boxes of ten or fifteen, instead of full- or half- dozens ; I can't remember ever seeing that 20 years ago ; the next step up was trays of 25 or 36 ; 9s would also appear occasionally, from about the same time.


It's the other way around. several is slightly higher than a few.


who knows who will rule the country in several months


Trump was standing for election in a Francophone country. Quelle horreure!

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