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  5. "Äiti maalaa taloa."

"Äiti maalaa taloa."

Translation:Mother is painting the house.

July 11, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Mum paints the house is not accepted? Come on!!


    Should be accepted. The course is in beta, so best to report and move on.


    Mum/mother paints the house = Äiti maalaa talon (talo+n)

    Mum/mother is painting the house = Äiti maalaa taloa (talo+a)


    Why is the house in partitive here? Is it to do with the fact that she's not painting literally the entire house?


    Exactly, because she is in the process of painting. It's not completed. If it were complete, it would be Äiti maalasi talon. Verb in the imperfect (past) tense and object in the accusative case.


    Thank you! That makes sense now. :)


    I don't understand why this can't be "Mother is painting a house".

    For that matter, how would one say the difference between "Mom is painting the house" (the one we live in) and "Mom is painting a house" (into her painting on canvas)?


    "... a house" is also correct.


    Can äiti also mean the mother in this case?


    It could if the speaker is referring to a different mother than his/her own, as we generally use "Mother" to refer to ourbown mom. But in that case, I think I would use a demonstrative or personal pronoun like "that mother" or "their mother", or something similar. As an English speaker, that is.


    Mother paints the house....should be accepted


    In that way it sounds as if she is finished when maalaa is not yet completed. Hope that helped


    It would be äiti maalasi talon if it were completed. Äiti maalaa talon would probably be used to describe an assigned task, a regular practice, something that mother generally does but is not doing right now. With some further contextual reference to a future event, it could also be "mother will paint the house".

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