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  5. "Onko meillä pirtelöä?"

"Onko meillä pirtelöä?"

Translation:Do we have any milkshake?

July 11, 2020



Te Engilsh isn't entirely correct. A milkshake is generally consumed and trades as a singular item. So the question would better as do we have a milkshake or do we have any mikshakes.


I agree. You wouldn't say "I want milkshake", instead you would say "I want a milkshake".


Physician, heal thyself.


It's interesting to speculate why some nouns can be mass or count and some prefer one or the other. Cakes, pies, and custards can be either. Ice cream is more comfortable as a mass noun. Cookies and milkshakes are more comfortable as count nouns. Maybe when one or more units is the quantity typically consumed we expect it to be a count noun?


Do they have any milkshake? Is incorrect English grammar.


the translation is incorrect! I did write: do we have some milkshake The hint was: You have an extra space. Do we have somemilkshake?


Same. It's still not correct.


Well, it is still there. Reported again. 1-dec-2021


I agree with all the commenters. This is a poor example. In English, milkshakes are like mixed drinks: they don't exist until dispensed into a container to be consumed. A betterr example would be "Nam! Haluan tuo vähän pirtelöä." The milkshake already exists; you're asking someone to shatr


Oops! That should have been "Nam! Haluan vähän sitä pirtelöä."


Please excuse the typos. Phone apps can be a bit tricky for entering comments.

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