"Leur lune de miel à Paris s'est très mal passée."

Translation:Their honeymoon in Paris went very badly.

July 11, 2020

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Could it also be "Their honeymoon to Paris..." ?


Could this be expressed with arriver instead of se passer to indicate an event that occurred? Or is se mal passer an idiomatic phrase?


It seems that duo is all of a sudden requiring all the accents and hyphens, both of which are difficult to acquire on my android. We need a warning when this secret rule is deployed. Otherwise, there is all that cumbersome typing to do all over. Bait and switch, not fair. I'll struggle to put them in with warning. Play fair, duo.


Difficult to know if the final word was passait or passée?


please supply the sound, this is too hard to guess from the collection of words. fast sound, slow sound, anything.

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