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  5. "She does not see the girl."

"She does not see the girl."

Translation:Zij ziet het meisje niet.

August 7, 2014



Why it requires jongedame now instead of meisje??? Fails completely correct sentence


Not sure if you found this out yet or not, but if you use "de meisje" it will be incorrect because meisje gets het, not de. Jongedame gets de, which is why it is telling you to use that word. Either "het meisje" or "de jongedame" is accepted, so it will look at the first word to determine what needs to come next.


Could it be: Zij ziet niet het meisje? Must the negation "niet" be placed always at the end?


I found this thread that provides an explanation for when 'niet' goes at the end of a sentence and when it goes in the middle: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3734833


Why is "Zij ziet geen het meisje" incorrect? My understanding is that geen -> noun and niet -> verb.

[deactivated user]

    There is a slight difference:

    • Zij ziet het meisje niet - She doesn't see the girl
    • Zij ziet geen meisje - She doesn't see any girl


    Thank you. This appears to be a very important distinction that's not entirely obvious to an English speaker. 'Geen' appears to not just negate the action, but also replace the article.


    One thing i read somewhere that has helped me is to think of 'geen' as the opposite of 'een'


    In general, use 'geen' for nouns. Yet if the noun has a definite article ('het' or 'de') or possessive pronoun (e.g. mijn) before it, then precede with 'niet'. For example: Nee, hij was niet de jongen.




    Read the previous comment (Brian's answer to someone asking the same as you did).


    can it be: "zij het meisje niet zien"???


    No, sorry, the finite (conjugated) verb needs to stay next to the subject.


    True, and also in this case zij means 'she', so the verb should be ziet ;)


    From my ubderstanding "geen" and "niet" depends if the word's article is "het" or "de". Now I see the exact opposite. What?

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