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  5. "Hän syö viineriä kahvilassa."

"Hän syö viineriä kahvilassa."

Translation:He is eating a Danish in a café.

July 11, 2020



According to Duo's Danish course, Danes call Danish pastries Viennese bread. Does viineria come from Wien, the German for Vienna?


Oh I didn't know that about Danes! But I think that's where it comes from too, since we also call the city as Wien (Finnish rarely changes the original names of cities, usually only to make them easier for us to pronounce) and Wikipedia says the pastry is called either viineri or wiener in Finnish. Since we don't have the letter w here in Finnish words and it's anyway pronounced like "viiner", it was only natural to come up with the word "viineri".


This is very funny because in most of Germany (and Switzerland, I believe?), the term "wiener" refers to a sausage and not a pastry.

[deactivated user]

    Nice info! I hope the future tips will contain this tidbit of information.


    Should 'He eats a Danish in a cafe' an OK translation here?


    the answer should be Danishes but only a Danish is accepted


    No, viineriä is singular.

    Hän syö viineriä kahvilassa. = He is eating a danish in a cafe.

    Hän syö viinereitä kahvilassa. = He is eating [some] danishes in a cafe.


    Danish pastries in UK English. Ridiculous to not have that accepted


    Why is "she eats a danish in a cafe" not accepted?

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