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"Maassa on monta pientä kiveä."

Translation:There are many small rocks on the ground.

July 11, 2020



Wikipedia says: kivi: stone, pebble, rock in english. In Swedish, German and Dutch kivi is translated equivalent to stone in English. DL will have to add these other options to the list of acceptable translations.


I used "little" instead of small....counted as wrong. Seems like it should be acceptable?


"On the ground are many small rocks" should probably be accepted too. Reported.


I wrote 'There are lots of small rocks on the ground', and was marked wrong. Same meaning so surely it should be accepted.


Ah I went for "in" the ground instead "on". That makes me wonder, how are we able to distinguish things that are located into something?


Lots of small stones was not accepted! Certainly it should be.

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