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"Just a bit more cream, please."

Translation:Vielä vähän lisää kermaa, kiitos.

July 11, 2020



Could we say: "Vain vähan lisää kermää, kiitos"?


Note: kermaa (not ä) - but otherwise, you could. It just emphasizes that you really don't want much.


"Vielä vähän kermaa, kiitos" would be a shorter though more ambiguous way of saying this. "Lisää" implies that the server and you both understand that you already have some cream, but it's not required to say if the coffee cup with some cream in it is right in front of your face and being served.


What is the difference between vielä and vain?


”Vielä” means ”still”, implying a repetitive action. For example ”Oletko vielä siellä?” meaning ”Are you still there?”. In this lesson ”Vielä vähän lisää kermaa” could be literally translated to ”Still a little more cream”.

”Vain” means “only”. For example ”Minulla on vain 2 euroa” meaning ”I only have 2 euros”.


Why is "vähän enemmän" not accepted?


Why does "a bit" have to be "vähän" and not "pala"? What is the difference?

"Vielä pala lisää kermaa, kiitos" is incorrect.


"Pala" means "piece". It's a physical piece of something solid, and can't be used for liquids. An ice cube is a "jääpala" but a tablespoon of liquid water is no longer a "pala".

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