"J'ai rencontré Léo en achetant des gants de boxe."

Translation:I met Léo while buying boxing gloves.

July 11, 2020

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Who is buying the boxing gloves in this sentence, Léo or the speaker? Or is that ambiguous?


It has to be the speaker, because the form "en" + present participle is a gerondive which modifies the verb and can not modify a noun. Without "en", it could have the role of an adjective, but it would sound weird. If Léo was buying the gloves, it would be "J'ai rencontré Léo alors qu'il achetait des gants de boxe" or more simply "J'ai rencontré Léo qui achetait des gants de boxe."


Cheers! That is exactly what I wanted to know!


Is Léo the same as Leo (stupid question)


If Léo is French, there's no reason his name would not be written with an accent. It's short for Léonard and the constellation/zodiac sign translates to Lion.

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