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"This comes from the butcher shop that I talked to you about."

Translation:Ça vient de la boucherie dont je t'ai parlé.

July 11, 2020



Is 'ce' only used with être? I tried, Ce vient de ... , which was marked wrong.


Yes, only with être.


Ceci vient de la boucherie dont je t'ai parlé. Accepted :)

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why is "ce vient" wrong?


Why can't you say: ça vient de la boucherie dont je vous en ai parlé


Barry, Get rid of en because dont has already replaced de, so en is not needed.

Dont means de que ("of which") so you don't say en, which means "of it".

  • ...la boucherie dont je vous ai parlé => "...of which I spoke to you" => ...that I talked to you about.


Thanks. Very helpful! Have a lingot.


Hm. Why not "...parlée," even though the 'bot didn't exactly shoot it down?


It shot it down for me, and on reflection the reason, I think, is the rule about the past participle agreeing only applies if the object preceding it in the sentence is a DIRECT object. In English, where you say 'I am talking about X', it may be (I'm not sure) that X is considered to be the direct object but I suspect the fact the French phrase 'parler de' involves 'de' means French grammar doesn't regard what it refers to as a direct object.

The 'you', whether it's te or vous, is definitely an indirect object as it's 'talked to you' so the parlé would not agree with it anyway.

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