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How Does Duolingo Define a Day to Continue Your Streak?

So my 30 something day streak came to an end when I actually did Duolingo one day but failed to complete any lessons (I didn't understand the concept enough, but I was on duolingo for a good 30 minutes that day). I didn't get any XP that day, so my streak came to an end even though I practiced.

My streak (of over a week) came to an end a few days ago, because I didn't get any XP again. I wanted to keep my streak going, so I reviewed some words, but I wasn't given any XP for strengthening my vocab.

Here I am again 3 days later, and the lesson looks like I won't finish the lesson today without cheating (scrolling my mouse over words to get the translation). I tried some review lessons, and it says that I got XP, but it's not showing up on my chart.

Is learning a new lesson every day the only way to keep your streak going? I used to get XP through p2p challenges, but that feature is no longer available.

August 7, 2014



I once wanted to extend my streak (70 day-ish), but due to work I was not able to do a full lesson and it was only a few minutes before midnight. As I was doing about 5 to 10 lessons a day, I figured it felt a bit unfair to let my streak go that time (I forgot about streak-freeze). I quickly did a timed practice, got one answer right and let the timer run out. This way, I got 1 xp just in time, which counts. I do suggest to only do this when you are really studying, but for some reason did not get any xp yet. After all, the streak should be a testimony of the days you spend actually learning the language!


I did that once too!


That's the really sad part, not being able to duel :(

And no, you can also learn through Immersion (translating articles) and still earn XP, but I guess some people like to wait until they're finished with their tree to try Immersion (it's actually not that bad doing it while unfinished with your tree).

And really, Duolingo should reward XP for reviewing your words. It's still learning, especially if you're having trouble with some of them.


Once you are at least Tier 2, just proofreading (upvoting) a few sentences extends your streak.


As far as I understand it, ANY activity on DL that earns you XP counts, and gives you the tick and increment on the streak. This is the first evidence to the contrary that I've seen. My best guess is that it was a bug, but then again, bugs are always the fall-back guys when one (read: myself) is too lazy to do further research ;)


Sometimes, I have noticed that if I do some Immersion and go back to Home, it does not show up as having increased my XP. However, if I hit the Refresh button on the URL, it then seems to show the XP added to the total afterwards. If that doesn't work, you could just do as martijnknl suggests and get a quick point by using the timed practice. Last resort might be to use the Streak Freeze, available in the store by using some of your lingots. Like Palocortado, I think that anything, including review lessons, gives you points. Good luck with it; you seem to be quite dedicated and I hope it gets resolved.

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