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  5. "Oho, kaunis puisto!"

"Oho, kaunis puisto!"

Translation:Oh, a beautiful park!

July 11, 2020



Why is 'wow' on its own not accepted ('Wow, a beautiful park')?


No reason why it shouldn't be accepted. I hope you reported it.

Although, oho isn't 'wow' and definitely not "oh wow", so I reported that. Alone like that it's more like 'oops'. We have vau (or the more colloquial vautsi) for that, and "oh wow" could be e.g. "oi, vau"; "ai vautsi"; "oho, vau"; or even "vautsi-vau".


I agree that "Wow" should be accepted as correct.


why isnt pretty accepted here, for me beautiful = pretty in english, is there a difference then? in other languages it is accepted instead on beautiful... just wondering :)


I think "pretty" should be accepted. If it isn't, it is because it has two very different meanings. "The park is pretty" and "The park is pretty far."


@LiisbetV: I don't fully agree as I think "beautiful" is stronger and slightly different than "pretty." And one can also say ".. is pretty beautiful!" (Sept 2020)

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