"À ma place, tu achèterais les billets aujourd'hui ?"

Translation:If you were me, would you buy the tickets today?

July 11, 2020

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Correct English is "If you were I."


I think, at least in US English, it's far more common to say "If you were me... " and given the evolution of languages -- and given the Merriam Webster's dictionary officially adding the implied meaning of the common usage of the word 'literally' (#2 'in effect') -- I think this is one of the few cases in these new set of exercises, where I think this might be the correct translation.

Aside, regarding evolution of languages: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/literally


The correct English is "If you were I..." because in this case the speaker is implying that the first person is a subject, not an object. (I have worked for 35+ years as a pro editor/ English speaker.)


If i were you...suggesting the other person to do something...if you were me asking the other person if they should do something


"In my place, would you buy the tickets today?" is accepted, but not: "at my place, [...]".


"At my place ..." means chez moi !

Prepositions often change when you translate from French to English.


Thank you, Timmy :) You are right.


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