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  5. "Do you have the sandals?"

"Do you have the sandals?"

Translation:Ovatko sandaalit teillä?

July 11, 2020



Ovatko sandaalit sinulla is also correct


It is now accepted. Keep reporting when you are sure your translation is correct.


Sinulla to be accepted


Miksi ei: Onko teillä sandaalit? Duolingolla on epätavallinen sanajärjestys näissä lauseissa.


It looks like the word order is 'Ovatko sandaalit teillä' because the emphasis on 'sandaalit' corresponds to it being definite. The other order, 'Ovatko teillä sandaalit', I would guess would correspond to 'Do you have sandals'. Not completely sure, though, this is just a guess. They might elaborate when they add the tips.


Should be ovatko because it's plural. But I don't know about the word order.


I wrote, "Sandaalit ovatko teillä?" but Duo didn't accept it. I thought by putting the sandals at the beginning, it would correspond to our definite object. But I see Duo puts the very first. Is my syntax acceptable?


If you have a question, like you do here, you put the question word, in this case the verb with the question suffix -ko, first. Everything else comes after that.

Ovatko sandaalit sinulla?

Onko sinulla sandaaleja?

Missä sinun sandaalisi ovat?

Miksi sinulla on sandaalit?!


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