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  5. "Kaksi pulloa simaa, kiitos."

"Kaksi pulloa simaa, kiitos."

Translation:Two bottles of mead, please.

July 11, 2020



I'm not sure that mead in English is the same as sima. Mead is a honey-based drink and has many varieties. It might be better to also accept "sima" as an answer if there is no direct, unique equivalent

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The Finnish sima has historically had honey in it, but these days it's most often made with lemons and dark brown sugar. Close enough, I guess?


It's... not, but Finns refer to it as mead when speaking English. So it is a phrase you may hear spoken in Finland in the spring.


I typed "Kaksi pullaa simaa kiitos" by accident and it accepted it as a correct answer when it probably should not have.


They accept typos. But some times it's annoying.

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