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  5. "They have the book."

"They have the book."

Translation:Kirja on heillä.

July 11, 2020



Why is it not "heillä on kirja"?


There has to be some other way to make the point that the thing being "had" can go first in the sentence. Getting marked wrong for saying the same thing that would have been marked right in earlier sections isn't making the right point.


I completely agree. It's rather frustrating like this.


"Heillä on kirja" means "They have a book".

[deactivated user]

    Both can mean "They have a/the book." Also "Kirja heillä on." and "Heillä kirja on." are possible.


    One advantage of this word order is that it underlines for the learner that "kirja" is the subhect rather than object of the sentence. When the order is "Heillä on kirja," it's easy for us to think that "kirja" is the object. It's not.

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