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Best Finnish TV shows and films to watch?

Terve! What are everyone's favourite films & TV shows to watch in Finnish? Mikä on suosikki suomalainen elokuva ja televisiosarjasi?

I have started to watch Karppi (called Deadwind in English), which is available on Netflix with both English & Finnish subtitles. I've also been watching some children's animated TV shows, since a lot of these are available on Netflix with Finnish audio (and English/Finnish subtitles) even if they were originally made in another language!

July 11, 2020



I'm working towards understanding more of the easy news on https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/selkouutiset/ . Everything else is beyond me at the moment (but I do hope someone else has some more suggestions). XD


I hadn't come across that before, that's a really good resource - Kiitos!


Yes, kiitos Zia, and onnea to you, whyhello, hats off in deference to you for posting this thread (and being at a level & mindset to benefit in general from listening)!


I haven't watched any Finnish films nor TV shows in a long time, but I can tell that easily one of the most culturally significant films is Tuntematon Sotilas, which is based on the culturally significant novel with the same name. It's quite dark and gritty, and it depicts an infantry company's journey through the Continuation War between Finland and Soviet Union from 1941 until 1944, written by someone who personally experienced it. The first film adaptation was released in 1955, the second one in 1985, and the third and latest one in 2017.


I don't watch too many Finnish TV shows nor movies - I find them often way too depressing and they're too much about drama and lying and crying and it really gets on my nerves. But Finland sure does love its melancholy :D

Kummeli is also what I'd recommend but it can also be bit overwhelming since they use spoken language and play with puns and dialects a lot, but they do also have sketches that focus on other things than just words. Their movies are also great, Kummeli Kultakuume (-97) might be worth watching too, probably not as hard to follow as the sketch show might be for beginners, but it's one of my own all-time-favorite movies and something that I never get bored of.

From other movies, I really like the movie called Teit meistä kauniin (-16, known as "Born in Heinola" in English) but it's a biopic about the band Apulanta, which also happens to be my favorite Finnish band. The movie happens in the 90s so it also shows that era a lot and as I was born in the beginning of the 90s, I also find that movie really nostalgic.

Tom of Finland (-17) is also a great movie, especially for those who are interested in the LGBT+ history. It's also a biopic, it's about a Finnish gay man who, after WW2, drew lots of gay-themed images and eventually became popular around the world and had a huge impact on the scene. Not too many people actually know about him even.

The animated films are great, too. Even though Finland never dubs any live-action movies, they still do a great work at dubbing animated movies so I enjoy watching these in both Finnish and the original :) For more kids' shows, I really recommend the Moomins! I'm now talking about the 90s cartoon which is a huge part of my childhood! It has been dubbed into several languages but I think the Finnish version should be somewhere too. They recently did a branch new dubbing for the show but I haven't watched that yet because I have a hard time letting go of something that I'm attached to and I grew up with the old voices, so... :D


Ooh - I've been curious to learn about Tom of Finland. In London, there is an exhibition about him and how he was/is a cultural icon. With lockdown measures in place, it's unclear when the exhibition will be open to London visitors, but there is information on their website in the meantime https://www.houseofillustration.org.uk/whats-on/current-future-events/tom-of-finland-love-and-liberation


Oh, you should watch the new Moomins -- they are great. Much closer to the original stories, too, and with great music. I know, I know, not the same as the iconic 90's version, but I'd say even better!

Movies for small kids are actually dubbed even if they're not animated, since they can't read the subtitles. :-)


The show "Bordertown" ("Sorjonen" in Finnish) is a Finnish crime show on Netflix, at least in the US.


it looks interesting!

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I'd recommend Pasila.


Me too! Like I said in previous post, I don't watch anything Finnish anymore, but that is one that I would definitely watch again if I were to see it on TV (which I don't have), and would have recommended it previously had I thought of it. It reminds of another TV series in the same vein (because it has the same guy as the director and writer), which is Ihmisten Puolue. That's a good one too.


Muumilaakson Tarinoita is the absolute obvious choice!! However, it is not so easy to find English subtitles. Here are the first 11 subtitle files: https://github.com/seanpotts/moomin-subtitles . My girlfriend is going to send in 12 & 13 soon but if more people pass this on to their Finnish friends and family we'll have the whole series eventually.


Adventure Time has a really great dub in Finnish, which will introduce you to some slang in addition to 'book' Finnish. Bonus- the jokes are pretty well translated too, so if you're watching with a native speaker you'll get the kid jokes and the other person will get the adult humor.


I watched some classic disney animated films with Finnish dubbing, and would rewatch scenes, alternating between the english and finnish subtitles, to understand what is being said, and what it means. (e.g. Sleeping Beauty)


I personally love the tv show Raid. It's a crime series from around the year 2000, just one season with a continuous storyline, but sarcastically revealing the core of the Finnish soul. There is also a movie that came afterwards, it's not as good as the series but still ok.

I think you can only get it on DVD as far as I know.


I saw Raid is on yle areena, but didn't look if it's available abroad from there. I could check later, when not on mobile.

I'd also second Sorjonen, which someone mentioned and I've seen a couple of episodes of. I've meant to get back to it at some point.

And also moomin.

Of films, there's the older Komisario Palmu ones (Inspector Palmu) which are quite light hearted detective stories, based on books by Mika Waltari of more historical fiction fame. Those are also available on areena, with Finnish subtitles, and I can find a link later if someone's interested.


Muumilaakson tarinoita!


Siskonpeti: Tv sketches made by female comedians. Can be found on Yle Areena and single sketches on Youtube.

Muumilaakson tarinoita, the old one.

Pikku Kakkonen: TV show for children, can be found on Yle Areena. In Finland everyone knows the time of Pikku Kakkonen, because all little children tend to watch it then and parents can take a break. It is quite easy language if learning Finnish.

Rölli: For children, life of a wood troll. There are series and movies, old and new ones.

Avara luonto. Dubbed nature documents.


Hullu - hullumpi - yläaste: Cartoon about high school and teen life.

Older series: Metsolat (common drama) and Hovimäki (history through one family) I love them.

Finnish movies that I like and come to my mind: Tyttö sinä olet tähti, Nousukausi, Napapiirin sankarit, Rare Exports, Joulutarina, Joulupukki ja Noitarumpu, Poika ja ilves, Pahat pojat. Pekka&Pätkä -movies.


The only one I know is Sorjonen which is the reason I started this course! It's on Netflix.


I really enjoyed this series. Thank you


If you want to watch classic Finnish films, which have simple dialogue and also lots of time between lines of dialogue (easy to translate), then the movies by Aki Kaurismäki would be a good choice. His style of moviemaking is notorious for having simple and laconic dialogue (and usually little of it). Also, they're good movies, although may seem a bit strange at first.


If you don't mind not having English subtitles, you should check out Syke, a relatively easy-to-understand medical drama. Seasons 2-6 can be watched for free via Jupiter, the newly-released official streaming service of the Estonian Public Broadcasting. https://jupiter.err.ee/1097053/pulss


I just found a lot of kids tv shows in Finnish (some also in Swedish), there's multiple channels, I'm just going ham on moomins. I can't find subs but its a lot of talking but at a digestible pace at lease! https://areena.yle.fi/lapset/1-4761002


https://www.suomesta.ru/2015/06/10/finskij-yazyk-s-metsolat/ A russian guy wrote a whole post about how to learn Finnish in his opinion. He recommends going to any Finnish library and asking for a DVD of the series Metsolat, he says the DVD has subtitles in Finnish. He says that he found out specifically that these DVDs can be copied for his own personal use, but they can't be posted on the Internet or sold copies. I was able to find the show on torrents, but it seems impossible to find subtitles.

magnet on torrent (no subs) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:cf540ae4e967ae4ae71e66bf22cd2362af672905

I found Metsolat with hard subs on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOVgD-5oQaw&list=PL-B3ndC9fuyW0D6p2D9DjmnDNEyy6kXrX&index=4

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