"These photos are beautiful; upload them."

Translation:Ces photos sont belles, mets-les en ligne.

July 11, 2020

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Why is it the second person singular? I thought in the imperative the third person is used, met-les.


“Mets” is the singular imperative form for mettre. I suspect you’re getting confused with the “er” verbs when the “s” is dropped for the imperative, but this only applies to the “er” verbs and not the “re” or “ir” ones.


No. You're generally giving a command to a "tu" or a "vous", i.e. you're addressing a person directly, hence it's second person. There are also first person plural commands, meaning "Let us ...." But there are never third-person commands. However, for "er" verbs, you drop the "s" at the end of the verb in "tu" commands. Hence, for "er" verbs, the verb in "tu" commands look like third person. That is the source of your confusion.


what's wrong with mettez-les en ligne?


Uploading is not necessarily the same thing as putting something online. "Telecharger" is, I think, a more accurate translation. In any case, it should be accepted here as an alternative to "mettre en ligne."


I don't think so. Télécharger means download.


It's the same word, but if you want to be specific about uploading, téléchargement montant is uploading specifically. Nevertheless, uploading does not mean putting something on line.

If you want to upload your tax return to the tax authority, do you want it put online?


Is there a reason it should be mets-les instead of les mets?


Yes, and that reason is called imperative mood. The word order is modified.


surely this means "these photos are beautiful, put them on line" Isn't telecharger the word for upload?


I'm having a brain fog moment ... why are "ces" and "belles" in agreement? Should it not be "cettes/belles" or "ces/beaux"???

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