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"Kuu kuulee, että tähti laulaa hiljaa."

Translation:The moon can hear that the star is singing quietly.

July 11, 2020



Can isnt needed is any of these translations of kuulla. It's also kind of misleading and confusing. "The moon hears that..." Should be the default translation


Is this from a children story or song or something?


It does seem very poetic


Rakastan tätä lausetta!


This is a lovely sentence.


Second language acquisition research has shown that teaching closely related things like Symantec sets and words that are almost the same makes language learning 50 to 100% more difficult. Kuu kuulee is not a good item in an exercise because of the similarity of the words and because the moon can't do this.


What does symantec mean? Or did you mean semantic? I'm not a native speaker.

Btw stuff like kaukana kana was useful for me to remember both words, and I think this exercise will be the same ^^


Sounds like an interesting study. Drawing attention to "kuu" and "kuulee" for me in this particular instance was helpful.


Where does "can" come from in the English translation? It isn't needed and just confuses me. "The moon hears that the star is singing quietly" seems to me to be at least as accurate and more accurately echoes the Finnish words that are actually given.

Is the Finnish meaning actually closer to "can hear" than it is to "hears" in this sentence? If so, perhaps the reason why should be explained at some point.


The answer was there already


Miks ei käytetään adverbi? Onko "[...] että tähti laulaa hiljasti" väärin?

Why is the adverb form of hilja not used here?


The proper English should be: The moon can hear the star singing quietly.


Actually the english translation in the example is perfectly valid.


"hears" and "can hear" are different by meaning.


Kuu kuulee tähden laulavan hiljaa. :)


I am sensitive but honestly who says this besides artsy-fartsy types? Could we please get more useful things to learn? TY

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