"This helmet is good."

Translation:Kesa gelte sȳz issa.

July 11, 2020

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Why kesa and not kesy?


Kesy is a demonstrative pronoun. It's the "this" in kesy sȳz gelte issa "this is a good helmet," or "this one" in kesy sȳz issa "this one is good". Kesy acts like a noun, independent from other nouns - it always appears as kesy. Per the tips,

Though adjectives agree with nouns in case, number, and gender, it's important to remember that demonstrative pronouns do not. Pronouns take their own plurality, depending on their referent, and make a simple distinction between animate (B-class) and inanimate (K-class)

Kesa is used as an adjective. It's the "this" in "this cake is good." It describes the noun, distinguishing it from other cakes, and can't stand on its own as a subject or object. Thus, kesa gelte sȳz issa "this helmet is good" versus kesys mīsvos sȳz issa "this armor is good."

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