Why t'as ? it is tu as. I do know how to conjugate avoir Is this new ?

Really if on the streets of Paris the rules changed should we not know the rules ? Do they say for example do they say "il y a" on the streets ?

July 11, 2020


they also say ya

ya quoi = what is it?

t'as cinq minutes = you have five minutes.

It works like this in Montreal as well.

Every language has its informal shortenings. tu very commonly elides to t' before a vowel regardless of the word that follows (verb or pronoun), but it is considered nonstandard so it's not accepted on Duolingo. A comparable thing commonly happens to "il y a": the il is very often dropped, leaving only "ya" (and y'avait, y'aura, y'a eu etc.) The y and verb are usually written without a space inbetween to reflect that they're pronounced as one.

This is slang, and a few others have explained well. Other examples of common french slang are things like, when negating something, using ne and pas, you commonly drop the ne. Ex. Je ne sais pas becomes Je sais pas.

that one is especially confusing when people leave off ne with negative sentences that have the word plus.

For example, Il boit plus d'alcool (meaning "he no longer drinks alcohol") but without the "ne" it looks like it might mean "he drinks more alcohol"

In this case, we would pronounce the s in "plus" :)

Yes, thanks. It took me a long time to figure that out. Well, I did not figure it out by myself. About three months ago I came across a French blogger's video explaining it.

Same with saying personne, it can mean both person as well as nobody, and without ne it is hard to tell. Like saying “Y’avait personne là”

“Y’avait personne là”

If there is actually someone, we would say Y'avait une personne là

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