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"There are a few clouds over there."

Translation:Tuolla on muutama pilvi.

July 11, 2020



I have the same question about why pilvi is not in the partitive case?


If you have the same question, just upvote the same question.


Täällä on muutama pilveä??


"Täällä" would be in English over here, at least in this app. But i also don't understand why "pilvi" is not in partitive


You could say "täällä on muutamia pilviä" but that would mean "There are a few clouds over HERE". :)


why is it not pilvi not partitive though?


It looks like "muutama" requires the singular nominative case


It looms like pilvi is in the nominative case. If the sentence is rephrased as "A few clouds are over there" you can see it.


Is there going to be some definitive explanation as to when to use partitive and when not to? Because I have no idea and it's not explained anywhere as best as I can tell.


The explanations at https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar for the partitive are really good.
And as in every other language, you have to learn the few exceptions by heart, like the word "muutama". The hints for this lesson are now online, and there is a lovely explanation under the headline "A few moos": "It’s considered to be so little that whatever there is a few of and the agreeing verb are in the singular."

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