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[New features proposal] Navigation and status of my edits in Immersion


there is no good navigation in Immersion tab. I open the text from "Your edits", by I have no possibility to click "back" and be on the "Your edits" tab. There are no buttons like "back" in whole Immersion section. Could you add some?

And I found that there would be a great to see on "Your edits" tab, how many sentences from given text I have already edited or appreciated - something similar to the progress bar in the "text view" but simpler. For example only some text like "You done 20/52" below the general progress bar in "Your edits" view. It may be also added for all the texts - not only on this tab. If someone haven't translated any sentence in given text so far, there could be no "You done..." label at all. I think it would be really readable and helpful. Could you consider something like this?

Thanks, QADEV

August 7, 2014


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