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  5. "musta kana; mustat kanat"

"musta kana; mustat kanat"

Translation:a black chicken; black chickens

July 11, 2020



Shouldnt "The black chicken" also work instead of "a black chicken?"


"black chicken, black chickens" was accepted for me 22 Feb 21


Shouldn't "black chicken; black chickens" be correct too?


The lack of an article indicates that it's a mass noun, meaning that you're referring to the meat, not the animal. However, the lack of partitive case in the Finnish sentence means that it's referring to the animal. Your suggestion would be correct if the Finnish sentence were: "mustaa kanaa; mustat kanat"


And why is "the black chickens" rejected? (Jan. 2021)


I don't know. Now that I think about it, I reckon that's more accurate because the indefinite plural form "black chickens" corresponds more closely to the partitive plural form "mustia kanoja", whereas the definite plural form "the black chickens" is more similar to the nominative plural form "mustat kanat".

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