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  5. "Orava puraisee koiraa."

"Orava puraisee koiraa."

Translation:The squirrel bites the dog.

July 11, 2020



I think that "The squirrel is biting the dog" should also be correct.


Not really. "Puraista" (which is where "puraisee" is conjugated from) is the momentane aspect of the verb "purra" (to bite), meaning that the action is confined to a brief moment and is not repeated. Your suggestion would use "puree" (conjugated from "purra") in its Finnish translation, which indicates that the biting happens continuously, with the moment temporally not confined.


I’m not sure the difference you are describing corresponds to the difference between "bites" and "is biting". In English, the simple present "bites" is typically used to describe a repeated/general event, while the present continuous "is biting" is used to describe an action happening right now. But thank you for explaining the difference between "puraista" and "purra", this is definitely interesting and important!

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Can any kind of action verb be turned into a repeated or single action by changing the suffix?

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