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"Je suis tombé malade en mangeant de la viande."

Translation:I got sick from eating meat.

July 11, 2020



I fell ill eating meat. What's wrong with that?


IMO opinion , your translation is far better than the one given by Duo Paula.


I wrote almost the same, wrong ! :( Je suis tombé = I fell malade = ill en mangeant de = from eating la viande = the meat. Not sure what part is wrong?


I don't know, you should ask your doctor.


"I fell ill from eating meat." is accepted nowadays.


At least in American English, I never hear anyone say "I fell ill". Probably was more common long ago. So despite being a better literal translation, rarely used in English and "I got sick" probably better


As a British English speaker, the phrase "I got sick" is awful to my ears. The over use of "got" as a verb grates. To me, "I fell ill" is excellent British English. That's only in my opinion obviously, sorry.


ha. fascinating!


That may be true - not being an American English speaker, I don't know what they say. But my computer is set up to receive pages in British English (EN_GB, to be precise, as computers like it), where we never say "I got sick" (unless one is acting as an American English character) but we do normally say "I fell ill". Possibly it's because we've got the French for neighbours. But then again, Americans have Francophone Canadians for neighbours, so maybe it's not something you catch from your neighbours.


I am an older American. I would say "I fell ill" more often than I'd say "I got sick".


Language changes over time. Who'da thunk it?


But it doesn't change that fast. "I fell ill" is obviously still current, even in the US. Who'da thunk it?

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Ok, now we need the sentence where the vegan gets anemic.


Duo's new suggestion of "I fell ill in eating some meat." is not any variant of English which I have ever heard.


This happened to me once when I ate boeuf tartare in France - rather unpleasant! So I put: "I fell ill from eating some meat" - which was accepted :-D


I got sick from eating the meat should also be accepted


"de la viande" does NOT mean "the meat".


I agree why not the meat. Why not I fell ill


Because "de la viande" translates as "meat" or "some meat".

"I fell ill" is accepted.


Bananas make me queasy


I fell sick/ill while/whilst eating (some) meat. These are variants of the French sentence. No need to use the dreaded 'got'.


I became ill eating meat - should be accepted. Reported.


I guess people are all caught up with "getting a bad grade" from Duo. The English variations being reported are all reflective of different regional dialogues. One is not more correct than another. This is the nature of the English language. If you're a French speaker and get the gist of the English phrase, you've won! If you're an English speaker and get the gist of the French phrase, you've won. You don't need everyone else's approval!


If 'from eating the meat' is incorrect then what would this be in French?


"I fell ill after eating the meat" - not also/more acceptable? 'I got sick eating meat' has the connotation that you became ill beacuse you ate meat regularly, whereas the meaning seems at least as likely that you fell ill from eating a piece of meat on one particular occasion.


Should this not be "Je me suis tombé malade en mangeant de la viande?

Or, have I got it wrong?


I thoink you're mistaking with the verb "se blesser" which is "réfléchi" or "pronominal". "Tomber malade" works just like in English.


In which case fell ill should be accepted


I think you need "from" otherwise it could be interpreted that you became ill while you were actually eating. Bleh!


I got sick from eat the meat is correct english and a possible translation of 'de la viande' It should be accepted. Please DUOLINGO, improve the translations.


"from eat the meat" is most certainly not correct English.


No it is not. Unless you made a typo and meant to write 'eating'.

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