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  5. "Is that ketchup?"

"Is that ketchup?"

Translation:Onko tuo ketsuppia?

July 11, 2020



why is it "ketsuppia" and not "ketsuppi" here?


It's as a mass noun in this sentence. (Basically this could work as a countable noun here too because we usually refer to a ketchup bottle as just "ketsuppi" as well.)


I agree.

  • Onko tuo ketsuppia? : Is that (thing there) ketchup?

    You see some red stuff and wonder what it is or want a confirmation that it really is ketchup.

  • Onko tuo ketsuppi? : Is that (bottle there) a ketchup (bottle)?

    You see a bottle and wonder, whether it is a ketchup bottle, but you shortened ketsuppipullo to ketsuppi. This kind of shortening is used in colloquial speech.


It is a part of the partitive case from my understanding. It's ketsuppia because it is partitive singular -- aka not all of the ketchup, it's only a part of it. It would be Ketsuppi if you were taking all over the ketchup ever made I believe.


There's too much ketchup in this American app.


Wait till you encounter ketchup made from yellow tomatoes (puke).

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