"J'aimerais visiter un musée aussi intéressant."

Translation:I would like to visit such an interesting museum.

July 11, 2020

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Translating the French phrase: I would like to visit an equally interesting museum / a museum as interesting as this one.

Or translating the English phrase: J'aimerais visiter un musée tellement intéressant / aussi intéresant que celui-ci.


Not a sentence structure I would use. Leaving out the "such" would sound better and flow better. But that's Duolingo

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Does anyone have advice on how to hear /speak the difference between the future and conditional tenses? J´aimerai vs. J´aimerais. Do they sound the exact same,and if so, how can you tell what is meant?


OK, let me add something of my own to your discussion. So, isn't it more appropriate to write here: "J'aimerais visiter LE musée aussi intéressant."?

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